Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace

My role

I was the lead Interaction Designer on the project for Intuit Online Payroll, working with a small team of developers and a product manager. I was in charge of our early mockup wireframes, user testing the designs, and creating final product assets.

About the project

As ObamaCare was rolled out, many small business employers found themselves confused about how and why they should set up healthcare for their employees. As part of the Intuit Payroll team, our goal was to make it drop-dead simple for employers to set up health insurance for their employees.



Navigating the complexity of insurance

Health insurance was a brand new area that I had no experience in, so this project was a great opportunity for me to learn how to design an experience for a product that I knew little about. I started out just reading up how the new healthcare laws affected small business owners. I also spoke to several small business owners to gain empathy for their confusion and pain. 


Going broad

A lot of testing and rounds of iteration were needed for this project, especially because I was unfamiliar with health insurance and its intricacies. 


Leveraging video

Health insurance, with its difference types, payments, and schedules, is a difficult thing to navigate as a small business owner. That's why we explored using video as a method of communicating different concepts for the user during the set up process. 


On hold...for now


Due to reprioritizations, this product team was allocated to other projects. The demand for small business healthcare is definitely still there, so I know it will be visited again in the future.