Harmony Axure Library


My role

I was one of two drivers for the small team of 8 designers in building out the library. The work involved creating interaction widgets, implementing global styles, and compiling all our team's work into one master file so that all our design teams could access it and use it to build prototypes easily.

About the project

The QuickBooks design team uses our Harmony Toolkit Library to create consistent mockups in all the projects we work on. As part of a push for our design teams to prototype, I co-led a team to create an Axure library for our Harmony design patterns. The goal was to create a comprehensive pattern library that any designer could use to rapidly build out near pixel-perfect clickable prototypes.


Breaking down the work

First, we needed to take a look at the entire Harmony design language to figure out how to breakdown the project and split the work among the team. My co-driver and I drafted a project plan, check-in sessions, and status reports to make sure that we could complete the project in time.


Do the work!

After assigning the work, it was time to get down and dirty in Axure!


Bring it all together now

The end product was a library that our entire design team could use to rapidly prototype, craft better stories, and test faster with users. The library is unfortunately currently only available internally at Intuit, but is a constantly evolving document. Thanks to global styles and interactions, it's very easy to update and maintain!