My superpowers

Interaction design, rapid prototyping, motion design & animation, user testing & research, wireframing, video, flowcharts, sketching

My secret weapons

Sketch, Axure, Premiere Pro, After Effects,  Balsalmiq, Omnigraffle,  Illustrator, Photoshop, Jira, Trello, and more



my completed missions

Senior Product Designer  - QuickBooks Capital  |  INTUIT  |  Nov 16 - Present

I work on bringing to market a brand new product offering that leverages QuickBooks users data in order to lend them working capital in growing their business. Our team’s goal is to make the process of getting capital for small businesses as easy as one click and lead the industry in transparency so we could power growth across the nation. 

Product Designer | USERTESTING | Feb 16 - Oct 16

UserTesting is a platform that helps companies get feedback from regular people. I worked with our product teams to deliver awesome value to our customers and testers in the form of quick iterative improvements as well as tackling big unsolved problem spaces. 

Interaction Designer - QuickBooks First Time Use | INTUIT | Aug 14 - Feb 16

I worked across the QuickBooks Online ecosystem to deliver amazing first time use experiences. One of the main projects was a complete redesign of the QuickBooks Online setup process. The goal was to deliver an emotionally delightful experience that gave small business owners a sense of confidence as they navigated the complexities of accounting.

Interaction Designer - Intuit ViewMyPaycheck | INTUIT | Mar 14 - Aug 14

I was the lead designer working on a new employee self-setup feature of the Intuit Online Payroll product. The new experience allowed small business employers to easily onboard any new employee by simply sending them an invite to Intuit's employee portal, ViewMyPaycheck. 

Interaction Designer - Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace | INTUIT | Dec 13 - Mar 14

Due to changes in healthcare laws, many small business owners found themselves very confused about regulations, types of insurance, and what they needed to provide for their employees. As the lead interaction designer for this product team, I helped create a health benefits marketplace for small business employers to browse and set up healthcare for their employees.  

Product Manager - QuickBooks Online for Mac | INTUIT | Aug 13 - Dec 13

As the product manager for QuickBooks Online for Mac, I led a team of developers and designers to build and successfully launch a native Mac version of QuickBooks Online. While I was on this team, I was heavily involved with the interaction and visual design of the new product. 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | UC BERKELEY | Aug 09 - Dec 12

At Berkeley, I led a team to create a website that helped college students find housing in the City of Berkeley. I was also involved with The Berkeley Group, which provided pro-bono consulting services to Bay Area nonprofits.